About us and our history

How it all begins

In the small town on the southern edge of Bulgaria, the city of Peshtera, a genius with unlimited potential and a passion for aviation appears. Even as a child, Todor Givechev asked about the paths of the clouds and studied everything he could learn about airplanes. This is the beginning of his incredible journey in the world of aviation.


The beginning

At the age of sixteen, Todor created his first airplane. In this small but creative workshop, he builds something bigger than a vehicle - he creates his dream, his wings that will carry him to the sky. The experience of the first plane inspired him and he started building two more planes and a helicopter. His passion grew, and with it his knowledge of aerodynamics and aircraft engines.

The development

Over the years, Todor not only expanded his knowledge, but also developed new ideas and inventions. He studied aerodynamic processes and aircraft engines, finding a way to combine them into a new type of cyclone system. This technology is based on aerodynamic processes supplemented by aircraft turbines. It is a revolutionary idea that changes the way aerodynamics are understood and applied.

The honors

Over time, Todor perfected his new technology, which acquired a very wide application in various fields. From 2019 to 2022, he won five international awards, recognition for his genius work. His innovation resonates in France, Turkey, Abu Dhabi and Dubai. This is just the beginning of his success.

But genius ideas are born not only from inspiration, but also from necessity.

By Todor Givechev – his motivation

“In 1990, I developed a severe allergy due to polluted air. I was looking for a way to solve the problem of house dust and my experience with aircraft turbines and aerodynamics led me to invent an innovative technology for air purification. I initially created a home filter that proved to be very effective , then I applied the technology to a water filter vacuum cleaner. Analyzing that there are different types of air pollutants in different types of production processes, I was then able to apply this new technology in a filter to capture bacteria and viruses in an antibiotic manufacturing factory. With this first experience in the industry, I was able to achieve an air purification efficiency of 99.96% from Bacteria and Viruses. Subsequently, I was able to apply this technology in many different companies and industries with different types of pollutants. I have been able to solve air pollution problems in places where other technical solutions do not exist.”